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MHiS – How to Improve Your Team’s Wellbeing & Performance

In the most recent personal development session titled ‘How to Improve Team Wellbeing & Performance’, experts Stella Round, George Anderson, Paloma Garcia, Sally Weir & Jim Rudall shared insights on maintaining an effective balance between professional responsibilities and personal well-being.

Discover the importance of focusing on tasks where you have the most impact, delegating the rest to efficiently manage your workload. This approach helps to keep professional duties from overwhelming personal life, laying the groundwork for improved performance and satisfaction.

The session also highlighted the necessity of embracing change and growth, advocating for a mindset that what you tolerate ultimately defines you. You’ll explore techniques to recharge, remain grounded, and be consistently available to listen, ensuring you maintain presence and intention every day.

These strategies collectively aim to nurture an environment where work enriches life, providing a robust foundation for a fulfilling career.

Key Areas of Discussions:

  • Focus and Control: Focus on where you make the most impact, delegate the rest.
  • Change and Growth: Embrace and actively seek change.
  • Mindfulness and Availability: Allow yourself time to recharge.

About Stella Round:

Stella is a highly experienced Performance Coach and Mentor with a passion for helping individuals and teams unlock their full potential. With a unique approach to coaching and mentoring, Stella utilises techniques that facilitate personal growth and self-actualisation, while encouraging individuals to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

As the Founder and Director of Stellar Consultancy, Stella provides professional coaching to individuals, helping them identify and overcome their blockers and limiting beliefs. She also offers bespoke development programs designed to create effective and focused teams. Stella is a strong advocate for mental health and actively supports mental health initiatives.

About George Anderson:

For over 20 years, well-being, and performance coach George Anderson has been helping people take more action so that they can thrive more in their lives. Described as a ‘motivational speaker meets high-performance trainer’, George’s sessions inspire audiences to want to take action and equip them with the practical tools and strategies that will have an immediate and lasting impact on their lives.

After gaining a master’s degree in engineering, George pivoted and pursued his passion for a purpose-lead career in wellbeing. With an ongoing education in neurolinguistic programming, neuroscience coaching and positive psychology, his presentations also draw upon his experiences and lessons from ultra-endurance challenges. These include 10 back-to-back marathons, two 24-hour 100-mile ultra marathons, and an Ironman triathlon.

About Paloma Garcia:

Paloma Garcia is the Director of Solution Consulting at ServiceNow, where she has consistently demonstrated her ability to drive strategic initiatives, surpass targets, and foster high-performing teams. Her leadership prowess has been acknowledged through her coordination of a global SC Manager summit, securing the Top Area Team award in EMEA, and earning the EMEA SKO2020 Dream Big prize.

About Sally Weir:

Sally Weir is the Director of Sales & Service at Direct Line Group, where she excels in her role by driving significant business success. As a CCMA Gold winner in Customer Experience design and recipient of the Business Culture Awards for Best Culture Transformation and Best Culture Team, she has consistently demonstrated her ability to enhance business operations and culture.

About Jim Rudall:

Jim Rudall is the General Manager for EMEA at Intuit Mailchimp. His career includes significant prior experience at Shopify as the Head of Revenue for EMEA.

Known for his effective leadership and innovative approaches to customer engagement and digital transformation, he actively contributes to the tech and e-commerce sectors by speaking at major industry events and leading discussions on enhancing customer relationships and business strategies.

Stella Round FISM, CIPD – Performance Coach and Mentor
Sally Weir – Director – Sales & Service Ops at Direct Line Group
Jim Rudall – GM, EMEA at Intuit MailChimp | X-Shopify
George Anderson – Motivational keynote speaker & trainer
Paloma Garcia – Director, Solution Consulting at ServiceNOW


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