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Sarah Furness – Leveraging Impostor Syndrome for Success

In this Sales Toolkit, Sarah Furness challenges the notion of impostor syndrome being a negative aspect and suggests that it may be inherent to the human condition. Drawing from her experience in flying training, she explains the stages of learning, starting from unconscious incompetence and progressing to conscious incompetence, where one becomes aware of their knowledge gaps.

Instead of trying to fight or cure impostor syndrome, Sarah proposes leveraging it as a crucial step in personal and professional growth. By embracing the mindset of being a work in progress, accepting that there are others who know more, and learning from them, individuals can harness impostor syndrome to drive their development.

Key Takeaways from Sarah Furness:

  • Impostor syndrome is a common experience: Recognize that feeling inadequate or inferior compared to others is a natural part of the human condition.
  • Embrace conscious incompetence: Understand that recognizing one’s knowledge gaps is a vital step in the learning process and an opportunity for growth.
  • Leverage impostor syndrome: Instead of trying to eliminate or suppress impostor syndrome, use it as motivation to learn from those who have more experience and knowledge.
  • Embrace the mindset of being a work in progress: Shift from the belief that “I am enough” to “I’ll be okay.” Embrace the idea of continuous improvement, learning from others, and accepting that personal growth is an ongoing journey.

About Sarah:

Sarah spent 20 years as an RAF helicopter pilot and Squadron Leader, leading operational combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. During her experiences at home and war, she learned that tough, capable people don’t always feel as strong as they look.

This prompted her to create Well Be It – specifically for leaders in mentally demanding environments, so they can create resilient, high-performing teams. She drew on her experiences as a combat helicopter pilot and mindfulness coach to create the Healthy Automatic Behaviours In Threatening Scenarios (H.A.B.I.TS.) approach – a way to train the mind to be bombproof under pressure without compromising on tenacity or performance.

In this video, you will learn the ONE thing that kills performance and productivity whilst increasing burnout… and the ONE thing that you need to do to change that. In sum, you will learn that the key to high performance is to do ONE thing at a time.  

Contains some good-natured banter. 

Sarah Furness – Speaker, Executive Coach, and Former Combat Helicopter Pilot.


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