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Celynn Morin – How To Use Your Body Chemistry For Better Performance

In this Sales Toolkit, Celynn shares her insights on how to use your body chemistry for better performance and achieve the title of “CEO” – Chief Energy Officer.

Celynn emphasizes the importance of understanding the connection between our body chemistry and our performance in various aspects of life. She suggests that by taking control of our body chemistry, we can boost our energy, focus, and resilience, and achieve greater success and fulfilment.

Celynn discusses several key factors that influence body chemistry, including nutrition, sleep, exercise, and stress management. She provides practical tips and strategies for optimizing each of these factors, such as eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, engaging in regular physical activity, and practising relaxation techniques.

Furthermore, she highlights the role of mindset and motivation in body chemistry and performance and suggests ways to cultivate a positive and empowering mindset. She also discusses the importance of setting goals and taking action towards them, and provides insights on how to overcome common barriers to success.

Key Takeaways from Celynn Morin:

  • What if the next step between you and your next level of performance or earnings had nothing to do with sales training, and everything to do with body chemistry?
  • Discover two practical techniques that you can use to leverage your chemistry for better performance and own the title CEO, Chief Energy Officer. 
  • Success, in sales and in life, comes not always from doing more. Sometimes it comes from doing less, more elegantly or differently. 
  • Stress causes a sense of agitation in the body. If you combine that agitated stress, with sitting for long periods, you have a recipe for disaster. 
  • The link between stress and craving stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, and smoking. 
  • Stay curious and creative about how you move your body during your work day – incorporate exercise snacks and move your body to exertion. 

About Celynn:

Celynn Morin is a qualified dietician, author of two books and workplace wellbeing consultant. She has a practical and playful approach to helping business leaders and their teams enrich the quality of their lives. 

Celynn does that by helping them connect their mind, heart, body, and spirit in a way that supports their wellbeing. The founder of the WellculatorTM framework and The Wellbeing Clubhouse, she describes herself as an effervescent foodie whose mission is to convince business leaders they don’t have to give up their health whilst building their wealth.

Celynn has an active interest in the field of epigenetics and gut health. She is an accredited HeartMath coach and Embodiment facilitator. Celynn has received a professional speaking fellowship and has a unique style that includes a joie de vivre rooted in curiosity and celebration. She was born in South Africa, but her heritage stems from the Champagne region in France. She now lives in Chichester.

Check out Celynn’s WELLculator here: https://www.celynnmorin.com/new-home

Celynn Morin – Wellbeing Whisperer To Leaders And Management Teams



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