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Perry McCarthy – Whatever It Takes

I want to be a footballer! I’m destined to be on the stage! Did your childhood dreams come true or did your mum tell you to get a proper career?

The original BBC Top Gear ‘The Stig’ and legendary Formula One racer, Perry McCarthy, didn’t let anyone dull his desire to succeed. At just 18, with no previous race experience, he used his hard-earned money from working on the North Sea Oil Rigs to fund his entry into the sport… not only did he get in, but he also had immediate success and won the British FF1600 Championship.

It wasn’t all plain sailing, with injury and a year-long break, he was forced to focus on his fitness, but he also made communicating with potential sponsors and partners his mission – a difficult task that finishes most drivers’ dreams! Perry made it to Formula One against top international competition and from there wrote a best-selling autobiography, became ‘The Stig’ on BBC Top Gear!

Key Takeaways from Perry McCarthy:

  • Personal performance and the power of the individual – preparation, focus, resilience, and pressure.
  • Pursuing a dream against the odds and goal setting.
  • Turning failure into Opportunities.
  • Risk management and fear.

About Perry:

At the tender age of 18, Perry McCarthy decided to pursue a career as a racing driver, with aspirations of reaching the pinnacle of the sport: Formula One. Many were skeptical of his ambitions, especially given that he lacked any prior racing experience and the necessary funds required to compete at national and international levels. Even prominent figures like Bernie Ecclestone doubted his chances. Yet, Perry was undeterred. He spent two years working on North Sea Oil Rigs, accumulating the capital needed to break into the sport.

Remarkably, Perry’s introduction to racing was marked by immediate success. He clinched the title in the British FF1600 Championship. However, the subsequent season presented a significant setback. A major crash led to serious injuries, forcing Perry to take a year-long hiatus from racing. During this period, he dedicated himself to physical recovery and rehab.

Resuming his journey in motorsports, Perry recognized the vital importance of securing sponsorship and forging strategic partnerships. He was well aware that many budding racers saw their dreams dashed due to failures in this regard. But Perry approached life with a tenacious spirit. He may have had his flaws, but he possessed an indomitable will, unwavering focus, and a resilient attitude. Even in the face of setbacks, Perry’s innate drive propelled him forward. He understood the value of persistence, especially when paired with the ability to bounce back from disappointments.

For Perry, identifying and seizing opportunities was a pivotal part of the journey. This demanded an immense level of commitment, coupled with an unyielding belief in himself. Over time, his relentless effort paid off. Perry ascended to Formula One, racing alongside some of the best drivers from around the globe. His achievements didn’t stop on the racetrack. Perry penned a best-selling autobiography and earned worldwide fame as ‘The Stig’ on BBC’s Top Gear.

Now, Perry shares his captivating story and the lessons he’s learned with corporate audiences, blending insights with humor. He firmly believes that a key component to any endeavor is the ability to make things happen. Embodying the mantra “Whatever it takes”, Perry emphasizes the power of determination and resilience. Despite his many accomplishments, he never loses sight of the importance of humor and entertainment. For him, capturing the attention of the audience isn’t just about delivering a message, but also ensuring they are engaged and entertained. Reflecting on his journey, Perry considers his life a grand adventure, full of challenges, triumphs, and lessons.

Perry McCarthy – Ex F1 driver. Drive to survive – Motivational and Business Speaker. ‘The Stig’ from Top Gear.


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