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Thursday, June 20, 2024

The Enablement AI Evaluation Checklist from Seismic

Leading global sales enablement platform Seismic is offering a free checklist for businesses to evaluate their need for Enablement AI within their day-to-day processes.

AI has been used by many different businesses to improve their operations for a long time now, however the recent excitement around AI relates to its evolution.

Traditionally AI worked within certain boundaries to streamline or replace specific tasks people used to do, however now with what’s called generative AI, it has the capability to predict what should come next in given scenarios. 

This therefore has major implications for how efficiently and effectively B2B organisations go to market, which therefore leads to major implications for enablement — hence the hype and the investment. If you’re not exactly sure how Enablement AI fits—or can fit—into your business, Seismic’s checklist can help. Download the checklist here — https://learn.seismic.com/guide-the-enablement-ai-evaluation-checklist.html


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