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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Hendrik Isebaert – Empower your go-to-market teams in continuous change

Today’s digital-first buyers are more informed than ever and are looking for a collaborative buying experience that puts them in the driver’s seat. B2B go-to-market teams must continuously adapt to deliver outstanding buyer experiences that stand out against the competition and grow revenue – especially amid challenging economic conditions.

Key Areas of Discussions with Hendrik Isebaert, CEO at Showpad:

  • What is impacting B2B buyer behaviour? 
  • How we manage change as the new normal.
  • How to get sellers to align their mindset to change and still deliver.
  • How the mindset of the B2B buyer is changing. 
  • And ultimately, how you can empower your sellers to deliver valuable, personalised experiences to today’s buyers.

About Hendrik:

Hendrik Isebaert is Showpad’s Chief Executive Officer. After joining the organization in 2016, Hendrik embarked on an extensive business immersion, working in leadership positions across Showpad’s dual headquarters in the U.S. and Belgium.

Beginning his Showpad career as Chief of Staff, Hendrik was subsequently promoted to the role of Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, and latterly to Senior Vice President of Revenue globally.

Prior to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer, Hendrik spent two years serving as the Chief Operating Officer, where he was fundamental to the growth and success of the organization. In this role, Hendrik was responsible for the full customer journey, from prospect to close to upsell and renewal, overseeing Showpad’s global sales, customer success, professional services, partnerships, revenue operations and enablement. He refocused Showpad’s GTM organization by building the GTM strategy roadmap and driving its execution.

Hendrik Isebaert – CEO at Showpad


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