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Monday, December 11, 2023

Nick Wealthall – Is this huge mistake costing you revenue?

In this video from Nick Wealthall you’ll discover the big thinking mistake we all naturally make that stops us getting more sales and building stronger client relationships and more revenue.

The mistake is thinking about ourselves and our business first, instead of thinking outside to in, with the client’s world view first.

Key Takeaways from Nick Wealthall:

  • How to create a client avatar. 
  • The key questions to ask decision makers.
  • How to deliver true value to get more sales.

About Nick:

Nick has had an unconventional journey to becoming a successful business owner and expert in helping others grow their revenue.

After graduating from Cambridge University and starting a career in the City, he felt disillusioned with corporate life and did what any responsible person would… ran away to Las Vegas to play professional poker!!

Nick merged his love of poker with his passion to broadcast, becoming a poker presenter and commentator on British TV, as well as writing comedy for shows like Have I Got News for You.

His current business, Yellow Door Training, now helps large corporates and SMEs develop their talent and grow their revenue. Nick has done consultancy work with a number of high-profile organisations including Savills, SPF & Willis Towers Watson.

Nick Wealthall – Helping your company raise your sales & transform your level of business.


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