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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Ollie Sharpe – Building A Revenue Culture at Speed

Organisational culture is a fairly nebulous concept, but in my mind, it boils down to the unwritten rules of how everyone within an organisation works together through good times and bad. 

Many organisations try to direct an organisation’s culture through their “value statements”. But it ultimately boils down to how everyone treats each other through the ups and downs of working together.   

Most organisational cultures evolve over time, but through fast periods of growth, cultures have to develop fast and often from scratch as new locations open. 

In this interview, we talk to Ollie Sharpe from SalesLoft. In his role as VP of Revenue, EMEA, he has had to grow his team from 1 person to over 60 in under 24 months. 

Key Areas of Discussions with Ollie Sharpe, VP of Revenue, EMEA at Salesloft:

  • Building a go-to-market strategy when launching in a new country
  • Where does your culture fit into your growth plan? 
  • How to adapt an organisation’s existing culture when opening in a new country
  • How to create a collaborative culture between different functions in the Revenue team.

About Ollie Sharpe:

Ollie Sharpe is passionate about revenue performance and culture in equal measure. In his 9 years at LinkedIn, he built numerous sales teams as their Go-To-Market strategy evolved. In his most recent role, he is leading the rapid growth of SalesLoft’s EMEA revenue operations. A regular contributor at industry events, in this interview, Ollie shares his experiences of building culture at speed.

Ollie Sharpe – VP of Revenue Emea
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