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Ife Thomas – How to Become a Sales Superstar



  • Make your customer feel seen, heard & validated.
  • Be able to show up authentically, confidently & professionally.
  • The importance of active listening and communication.

Synopsis & Bio:

Ife Thomas is a motivational speaker, author and coach who is an authority on mindset, confidence, mental health and the power of connection. As an autistic, black female who was abandoned by her birth parents when she was just six weeks old, Ife has experienced a lot of adversity in her life but she’s become an expert in turning her pain into power. 

As the author of the acclaimed book Powerlift Your Career and the host of the podcast Everything You Need To Succeed, Ife is an authority on the techniques and methodologies that build self-esteem and connection and help people to become the very best versions of themselves. She’s passionate about sharing her story and using it to inspire others to achieve their dreams.

Ife Thomas – Motivational Speaker | Author | Mindset, Confidence Connection & Communication


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