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Kelly Guenther – How to nail a piece to the camera

In this Sales Toolkit, Kelly Guenther shares his expertise on how to deliver an effective on-camera performance for your business or personal brand. As a video producer and director with years of experience working with clients across various industries, Kelly knows the importance of creating a compelling and engaging piece for the camera.

Throughout the video, Kelly provides practical tips and strategies for nailing your on-camera performance. He emphasizes the importance of preparing and rehearsing your script, choosing the right location and lighting, and maintaining a confident and authentic presence on camera.

Kelly also shares his insights on how to overcome common challenges that can arise when filming, such as nervousness, technical issues, or distractions. By following his advice and implementing his tips, you can create a polished and effective piece for the camera that effectively communicates your message and engages your audience.

Key Takeaways from Kelly Guenther:

  • The connection between you and your audience.
  • The fake it until you make it mentality.
  • Smiling.
  • How your posture affects your video.
  • Check your framing.
  • Do another take.

About Kelly:

Kelly Guenther was a Video Specialist at Shootsta, a video tech platform that enables companies around the world to scale their video content through a suite of apps and professional services.

Kelly Guenther – Creative Director at Guenther Group Inc


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