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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Samantha Stephens – Doing More With Less

Whether you are a scrappy start-up trying to scale quickly or an established business trying to cut back spending & weather the macroeconomic headwinds, leaders everywhere are being asked to do more with less.

Key Areas of Discussions with Samantha Stephens, Senior Sales Manager at Gong.io:

  • What did you focus on when you began in a new role as a sales leader first? 
  • How did you discover where you could quickly impact your teams’ performance? 
  • With limited enablement support, how did you approach skill development within your team? 
  • How have you managed the morale of Sellers as the market changed?

About Samantha:

A dynamic, ambitious, and experienced Sales Leader with a 12-year proven track record of delivering results, Samantha exceeds individual and team sales targets.

She is most passionate about developing people and building consistent top-performing teams in fast-paced, high-pressure, collaborative environments.

Any team Samantha has ever worked with has become a small family, and that has been the secret sauce to success!

Seeing the people she has “managed” or mentored learn, grow, thrive, and advance in their careers has made up some of the proudest moments in her own career.

Your people and your customers are your biggest assets, and investing wholeheartedly in them will never let you down.

Samantha Stephens – Senior Sales Leader at Gong