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Tracey Hill – How To Prepare Your Mind for Success

In the second episode of the “Pause to Perform” series, Tracey Hill delves into the importance of mental preparation for achieving daily goals.

Drawing parallels with sports professionals who rely on mental training, Tracey underscores the significance of pausing, visualisation, and mental exercises to build a robust foundation for success.

Tracey explains how the mind’s focus and beliefs shape reality, and she provides practical steps to harness these principles. By setting clear intentions and visualising success, individuals can enhance their performance, build resilience, and start their day positively.

As part of this episode, Tracey offers access to a guided performance imagery audio track to help you kick-start your mornings with confidence and clarity.

Key Takeaways from Tracey:

  • Importance of Mental Preparation: Understand the critical role of mental preparation in achieving goals and how it lays the groundwork for success.
  • Visualization Techniques: Learn how to visualise your goals and the steps needed to achieve them, focusing on the sensory details to make the experience vivid and impactful.
  • Daily Practice: Commit to daily mental exercises, including guided performance imagery, to enhance confidence, clarity, and resilience in tackling challenges.

About Tracey Hill:

Tracey Hill is a leading expert in corporate performance therapy and coaching, specialising in hypnotherapy, behavioural change, and cognitive behavioural therapy.

With over 20 years of experience working in high-stakes environments, she combines sharp psychological insight with practical applications to help high-achievers reach their peak potential.

Tracey’s unique approach emphasises mastering the mind and understanding the data and intelligence in our emotions can revolutionise performance.

Her mission is to empower professionals with the tools to make informed decisions and thrive in competitive environments. Whether guiding executives through crises or enhancing their edge, Tracey’s powerful, compassionate methods drive success.

Tracey Hill – Performance Therapist & Coach | Speaker | Pause Pioneer


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