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Tracey Hill – Two Ways To Turn Anxiety Into Empowerment

In the final episode of the “Pause to Perform” series, Tracey Hill focuses on the crucial role of managing emotions to achieve success.

Building on previous lessons, this episode explores how changing your emotional state and body language can dramatically impact your performance.

Tracey explains that emotions and beliefs influence our outcomes, and she introduces techniques for reframing negative emotions into positive ones.

By altering your physiology and focusing on success, you can enhance your mental resilience and achieve your goals more effectively.

Key Takeaways from Tracey:

  • Reframe Emotional States: Learn to shift from negative emotions like anxiety and fear to positive states of courage and excitement by changing your body language and focus.
  • Power of Physiology: Discover how adopting power poses and deep breathing can boost your confidence, reduce stress, and improve your performances.
  • Focus and Behaviour: Understand how changing your focus to positive outcomes can transform your behaviour and actions, leading to better results and achieving your goals.

About Tracey Hill:

Tracey Hill is a leading expert in corporate performance therapy and coaching, specialising in hypnotherapy, behavioural change, and cognitive behavioural therapy.

With over 20 years of experience working in high-stakes environments, she combines sharp psychological insight with practical applications to help high-achievers reach their peak potential.

Tracey’s unique approach emphasises mastering the mind and understanding the data and intelligence in our emotions can revolutionise performance.

Her mission is to empower professionals with the tools to make informed decisions and thrive in competitive environments. Whether guiding executives through crises or enhancing their edge, Tracey’s powerful, compassionate methods drive success.

Tracey Hill – Performance Therapist & Coach | Speaker | Pause Pioneer


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