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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Outreach Announces Its Latest AI Assist Capabilities at Unleash 2023

Last month Outreach hosted over 1200 GTM professionals in Seattle, USA at Unleash 2023.

Over the course of the three-day event, guests were invited to presentations, product demonstrations and meetings, with Outreach’s VP of Product Marketing Strategy, Elizabeth Dailing, unveiling several new capabilities across its AI Sales Platform; including three new generative AI features.

Smart Meeting Assist allows for improved AI selling by automatically summarising sales meetings, answering questions about what was discussed and capturing the next steps that were mentioned during the meeting.

Smart Deal Assist will revolutionise how salespeople and sales leaders can identify and resolve risks in their deals.

Finally, Smart Sequence Assist will offer a seamless solution for refreshing and generating new, tailored sequence content.

Elizabeth commented: ‘The potential of AI is more than just writing your emails or submitting a forecast – it will be so persuasive that it will organise your day based on the highest value activities, tell us which deals to focus our time on, and what to do next.’

For further information on these new features from Outreach, CLICK HERE.

Elizabeth Dailing – VP of Product Marketing Strategy at Outreach


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