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Tom Pisello – Using ROI to Align Buyer Expectations with Seller Performance

It is a weird world where both a buyer and seller are frustrated with the same sales process.  

45% of Buyers feel Sellers are unable to demonstrate an understanding of their business, and 34% fail to apply their solution to their unique needs. And most worryingly, 50% are unable to prove their product’s ROI to aid the internal sales process. (Stats from Rain Group Virtual Selling Skills & Challenges Report 2020)

On the flip side, Sellers feel buyers are unwilling to give time to the investigation of their business’s needs, and too often decide to do nothing, which is even more frustrating than when they buy from a competitor. 

Yet, these buyer sentiments are not new similar buyer sentiments were found in 2013 by Forrester in their Q4 2013 North America and Europe Executive Buyer Insight Online Survey

However, some organisations believe their route to buyer satisfaction lies not in training, but in investing time and energy in proving the ROI of their solutions. 

In turn, enabling new sales and account management teams to believe they can answer the buyer’s unsaid question, “Can you prove the value of what you are selling me?”

Key Areas of Discussions with Tom Pisello, founder of the Elevated Selling Institute:

  • The gap between buyer expectations and seller performance can lead to lost sales and decreased revenue for organizations.
  • To close this gap, organizations are focusing on aligning their sales and marketing efforts to create a seamless buying experience for customers.
  • Sales enablement technologies, such as content management and sales training platforms, are being used to improve seller performance and ensure that sales teams have access to the right information and resources.
  • Personalization and customization are becoming increasingly important in the sales process, as customers expect a tailored experience that speaks to their unique needs and preferences.

About Tom:

Tom Pisello, The ROI Guy, is a serial entrepreneur, popular speaker and author.

He is currently focused on select value and go-to-market consulting projects for special clients, working on a new purpose-based book, and leading the 501(c)(3) Growth through Grief: helping widowers develop a growth mindset in the Wake of grief and Tragedy.

Tom is the author of the books: Evolved Selling – Optimizing Sales Enablement in the Age of Frugalnomics (available on Amazon) and Frugalnomics Survival Guide – How to Use Your Unique Value to Market Better, Stand Out and Sell More (available on Amazon).

Tom originally founded Alinean in 2001 to develop and deliver value-focused sales and marketing messaging, tools and training for B2B vendors, including ValueStory Cloud – a revolutionary storytelling + insights + justification / ROI sales and marketing application.

Over the past decade, Tom has engaged in the launching and maturing of several innovative technology companies, including FullArmor.

Tom Pisello – The ROI Guy, Growth Evangelist, Serial Entrepreneur, GTM Executive, Author, Podcast Host


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