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Monetizing Data: Unleashing the Revenue Potential of your ERP Data in CRM

Join leading CRM solutions provider SugarCRM at 4pm on 6th December for its webinar on how to unlock the revenue potential of your ERP data in your CRM platform.

The data within any ERP platform holds a goldmine of potential for driving revenue growth for any business. Customer buying behaviour is neatly captured within this system and is an asset waiting to be unlocked and transformed into tangible profits.

Simple integration of your ERP with your CRM is just the first step; the real magic happens when you translate this data into actionable insights that directly impact your bottom line. It’s about converting ERP information into revenue-generating strategies.

In today’s era, AI-driven computing capabilities offer a powerful tool to analyse and explain data, enabling you to drive sales behaviour that translates into higher revenue.

Join SugarCRM in this webinar where it will delve into real-life success stories, illustrating how to seamlessly extract ERP data and, more importantly, monetize it by turning it into actionable information that empowers your sales and marketing teams to boost revenue.

To register to attend the webinar, head to https://sugarcrm.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_K6pv3CGKQcC1Q9cTfz4O4w#/registration 


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