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Steve Catchick – The Secret Salesforce

Steve Catchick shares key insights into building a successful organization by developing a team of brand ambassadors. With over 25 years of experience in customer service, particularly within the technology sector, Steve’s expertise has contributed to notable increases in sales, customer satisfaction scores, and employee morale.

Steve emphasizes the existence of three distinct types of individuals within any organization and highlights the significance of their roles. He explains the importance of ambassadors, both internally and externally, in driving engagement, reducing customer churn, and ultimately contributing to overall profit. Steve believes that every individual in an organization is involved in sales, service, and profit generation, making it crucial for all team members to contribute to these areas.

Through his program, The Secret Salesforce, Steve focuses on developing loyalty, retention, and attracting new customers. He shares his knowledge and expertise by speaking, coaching, and conducting masterclasses for business leaders and organizations such as IBM, Capita, DWP, and SMEs. His topics include winning sales through service, managing difficult customers, and enhancing communication and presentation skills.

Key Takeaways from Steve Catchick:

  • The three types of people in any organisation and the role they have.
  • The importance of ambassadors both internally and externally.
  • Why ‘good’ is the enemy of ‘great’.
  • Everybody is in sales, everybody is in service and everybody contributes to profit.

About Steve:

Steve is the founder of The Secret Salesforce Programme and equips businesses to develop a team of Brand Ambassadors in order to drive engagement, reduce churn and contribute to profit.

He has been at the front line of customer service for over 25 years, mostly with technology companies. His award-winning customer service programme at IBM, contributed to a substantial increase in sales, customer satisfaction scores and record-high employee morale. 

He speaks, coaches and runs masterclasses to business leaders, and organisations such as IBM, Capita, DWP and SMEs on winning sales through service, managing difficult customers, and high-impact communication and presentation skills.

Everyone in an organisation is in some way, in sales, in service and should contribute to profit. The Secret Salesforce help develop loyalty, and retention and attract new customers. 

He is the past Regional President of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA) Thames Valley Region and a military veteran. Fun, friendly and engaging, when he’s not working, he can be found listening or dancing to Rock’n’Roll and Swing bands.

Steve Catchick – The Secret Salesforce Strategist



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