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Summer Social MEETUP

Weds 13 July, Summer Social & Sales Execution Gap, 17.00 – 19.30hrs

3 Reasons to Attend

    1) Enjoy a social drink with fellow sales peers, opportunity to bring your remote working team together

    2) Network with Sales Leaders & Professionals across all industry sectors

    3) Learn How to Close the Sales Execution Gap

Your Hosts

    Our Friends at Outreach

Accredited Personal & Professional Development
2 CPD Points / Hours

Close the Sales Execution Gap

    The Sales Execution Gap is the gap that all sales teams suffer— it’s the gap between an organization’s potential revenue and the actual revenue it achieves. And closing it is the key to achieving predictable, efficient growth.

    Join us in person & learn how to win more deals by:

    ✅ Enabling sales teams to ACTUALLY spend their time selling – executing the right steps, at the right time, with the right audience
    ✅ Scaling effective sales motions to shorten deal cycles
    ✅ Guiding sellers (in real-time!) to better serve customers
    ✅ Avoiding surprise quota shortfalls by ensuring clear alignment with buyers
    ✅ Going from forecasting guesswork to committing with confidence

Where to Find Us

    Rooftop Bar
    70 Wilson St
    London EC2A 2DB

Enablement OPS

Thurs 10 November, Birmingham
Breakfast Meet-up, 08.00 – 09.30hrs

Round Table

    An opportunity for Revenue & Enablement professionals to come together, to share best practices, challenges, success stories and discuss modern selling.


Your Hosts

    Imogen McCourt, Co-founder of the Sales Enablement Society (UK) and our friends at Showpad

Accredited Personal & Professional Development
2 CPD Points / Hours

Top 5 Sales Enablement Challenges in 2022

    1) Time Management: 77% of reps struggle to find enough time to complete everything they
 need to during the day
    2) Lead Prioritisation: 75% of reps struggle with knowing
 who to reach out to and how
    3) Gleaning Insight from Data: 72% struggle to extract meaning from the massive volume of sales data they are surrounded with
    4) Finding the information needed for Sales Conversations: 64% struggle to know how to access the right information in context
    5) Staying Productive Remotely: 48% of reps struggle with being
    productive in remote environments

    Source: Salesforce


How To Get There

    At the National Conference Centre (aka National Motorcycle Museum) in Birmingham, B92 0EJ, co-located with the National Sales Conference…


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