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Leighton Tso – How to capture great audio

Leighton Tso is an expert in capturing high-quality audio for video productions. In his article on The Growth Hub, he shares his tips and techniques for recording clear and crisp audio that enhances the overall quality of your video content.

As a video producer and sound engineer, Leighton emphasizes the importance of using the right equipment, positioning your microphones correctly, and minimizing background noise to achieve optimal audio quality. He also shares his insights on how to edit and post-process your audio recordings to further enhance their clarity and impact.

Leighton’s video is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their audio recording skills, whether for professional video productions or personal projects. By following his advice and implementing his techniques, you can create compelling and engaging video content that captivates your audience and delivers your message effectively.

Key Takeaways from Leighton Tso:

  • Why and how you should make your videos sound good.
  • How good audio but bad video can still hold viewership?
  • Why you need a quiet space.
  • Utilizing good equipment.
  • How, even without a separate microphone, you can retain decent quality.

About Leighton:

Leighton Tso was a Creative Content Producer at Shootsta, a video tech platform that enables companies around the world to scale their video content through a suite of apps and professional services.

Leighton Tso – Sr. Analyst, Learning and Video Production at Salesforce


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