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How Outreach helped NewtonX Increase Forecast Accuracy by 45%

NewtonX is a young company with an ambitious mission — to become the top on-demand platform for professional knowledge. Ready to showcase its offerings and build a loyal customer base, the company began building a best-in-class sales organisation that could keep pace with the speed of NewtonX’s innovations. It is for this reason that NewtonX hired Kumbi Murinda as the Director of Revenue Operations, a new role that would become instrumental for this new sales organisation.

One of Kumbi’s first priorities as Director of Revenue Operations was to help sellers be as efficient and effective as possible, as soon as possible. For Kumbi, this meant equipping sellers with the Outreach Sales Execution Platform.

Commenting on this decision Kumbi said “I’ve implemented Outreach at every company I’ve worked for and I can’t imagine a world without it. Implementing Outreach at NewtonX was a no-brainer. We knew we had to have it for sales engagement, especially with such a young and scrappy sales team. But even more critical was how Outreach could impact our ability to forecast because, especially as a startup, that’s how we make our decisions.”

Before Outreach, NewtonX relied on forecasts that were painstakingly built using multiple spreadsheets and disconnected data sources. “That’s just not the ideal situation for accurately and dynamically forecasting and managing your pipeline,” Kumbi continued saying “The better the data we have, the better we can make key business decisions that drive us forward.”

NewtonX first utilised Outreach for sales engagement workflows, equipping Business Development Reps (BDRs) and Account Executives (AEs) to efficiently generate more pipeline. However, NewtonX needed to do more than build any pipeline, they needed to build a quality pipeline that would convert to revenue growth.

To find out more about how NewtonX managed to achieve this and how it increased its forecast accuracy by 45% by using Outreach, head to the full case study here


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