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Dr Lizzy Bernthal – The Triangle of Transformation

Are you ready to take control of your body language, focus, and language to achieve success by enhancing your resilience and confidence? Then you’re in the right place. The Triangle of Transformation from the amazing Dr Lizzy Bernthal holds three key elements: body language, focus, and restrictive and expansive language.

These quick and easy tips that you can use instantaneously will help you feel more confident and better about yourself, which can not only improve your mental health but can also help in your work environment.

Key Takeaways from Lizzy Bernthal:

  • Using empowering body language changes how we show up as resilient, confident leaders.
  • Focusing on success creates success.
  • Using empowering language in our heads and out loud can transform our day.   

About Lizzy:

Dr Lizzy Bernthal is a resilience specialist, confidence and leadership coach, international speaker, and author, accredited by the International Coaching Federation. Through her business Release  Your Potential Ltd, she is on a mission to remove toxicity in the workplace by supporting business owners and leaders to thrive in business and life by overcoming workplace toxicity through confident, resilient leadership.

She was awarded ‘Leadership Coach of the Year 2022/3’ for Worcestershire and  ‘Sustainability You Business of the Year 2022’ for her impact on individuals and finalist for ‘Business of the Year 2022’ in the North Worcestershire Business Awards. She designs and delivers Masterclasses, keynotes, transformational 121 and group coaching programmes globally online and face-to-face.  

Lizzy served 25 years in the Army as a health professional to Lt Col with a PhD in resilience and led teams in 18 countries in extreme environments including Afghanistan. She was awarded Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2017 for her contribution to Higher Education globally and was Chair of the International Committee of Military Medicine supporting the empowerment of military nurses globally. 

Dr Lizzy Bernthal – Resilience Specialist, Confidence and Leadership Coach, International Speaker, Author, Founder, CEO



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