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Sue Evans – How to keep stress useful

In this Sales Toolkit, Sue Evans shares her expertise on how to keep stressful situations useful.

Sue emphasizes the importance of managing stress positively and turning it into a useful tool for personal and professional growth. She shares her own experiences of dealing with stress and offers practical advice on how to stay calm and focused in challenging situations.

Throughout the video, Sue provides tips and strategies for managing stress and turning it into a positive force in your life. She emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, self-care, and resilience, and offers practical exercises and techniques for staying centred and focused.

Key Takeaways from Sue Evans:

  • Stay at your best, even when the pressure’s on.
  • Stop runaway worrying and sleep more easily.
  • Reduce the impact of dealing with difficult people.
  • Feel less stressed, without losing time and energy trying to manage it.

About Sue:

Sue Evans is a people and process performance specialist, speaker and coach, and founder of the FAST Pathways Academy – on a mission to save the NHS £1million in avoidable prescriptions, and businesses even more in enhanced performance.

Sue’s whole career has been about shaping effective, lasting change. She’s delivered Operational Excellence and culture change in organisations including Danone, Corning, and Lloyds Banking Group. Highlights included more than doubling productivity within two international businesses and delivering £1.9M waste reduction in under 5 months. Leading these programmes, she experienced a fair amount of stress – and it wasn’t always useful!

Having taught thousands of people how to keep stress useful, Sue also works with individuals and teams, embedding the skills to maintain and enhance performance, even when the pressure’s on.

Sue Evans – Academy Director and Lead Consultant


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