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Simon Hazeldine – 3 Keys to Unlock Your Key Account Management Potential

Extensive practical experience of working with some of the world’s largest and most successful companies has revealed that when 3 keys are in place, key account management success will be achieved.

This Masterclass will help you understand and explore these 3 keys and the 3 key account management success capabilities that underpin them so that you can see how you and your organisation measure up.

Key Takeaways from Simon:

  • How to unlock your KAM potential by utilising 3 key success drivers.
  • How to know if you are “working at the right level” of key account management (an understanding of this can also inform recruitment decisions).
  • The foundational mind-sets that a good key account manager has.
  • The one capability that is responsible for 80% of KAM success.
  • How “split screen thinking” underpins KAM success.
  • The common mistake that will have your key account managers leaving your company to join your competition.

About Simon Hazeldine:

With 35 years of experience in sales and negotiation, Simon Hazeldine is a renowned keynote speaker, consultant, and bestselling author based in Leicester, England. A graduate of Loughborough University, Simon empowers businesses to achieve more sales, more often, with higher margins through his dynamic speeches, consulting services, and practical training programs.

Simon’s expertise in revenue transformation and sales performance has led him to work with numerous clients globally, delivering tailored strategies that leverage people, processes, and technology for sustainable growth. His practical approach ensures ongoing improvements in sales productivity and performance.

As an accomplished author, Simon has penned several influential books, including “Neuro-Sell: How Neuroscience Can Power Your Sales Success” and the “Bare Knuckle” series on selling, negotiating, and customer service. His “Brain Friendly Selling”® methodology is a testament to his innovative approach to sales.

Simon’s training programs in sales leadership, management, key account management, and negotiation are highly regarded for their effectiveness and practicality. Whether in person or remotely, his goal is to help businesses transform their sales strategies and achieve their performance goals.

Simon Hazeldine – Keynote Speaker & Conference Speaker


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