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Scotty Mills – Never Give In, The 12 Commando Rules for Life

In this Masterclass, you’ll have the extraordinary opportunity to learn from the remarkable Scotty Mills, a former Commando ‘Green Beret’ Officer and global leader. Embark on an awe-inspiring journey as Scotty shares his unparalleled expertise and wisdom, garnered from his experiences on the gritty streets of South London to leading Britain’s Commandos worldwide.

Discover the power of attitude triumphing over talent every single day, and unleash your full potential by raising the bar and achieving unprecedented growth. Dive into a life guided by strong values and watch your success skyrocket.

Key Takeaways from Scotty Mills:

  • Attitude trumps talent every single day.
  • Grow your 100% by raising the bar.
  • Live your life through strong values.

About Scotty:

Scotty Mills has led a life that he could never have dreamt of, from the backstreets of South London, he went onto serve his country and lead Britain’s Commandos around the globe as a Commando ‘Green Beret’ Officer.

In 2003, operating alongside the US Navy SEALs, he led a team of Marines into Iraq as ‘first on the ground’ theatre entry troops and has deployed on missions all around the world.

Scotty has worked closely alongside multiple elite teams who went on to win gold medals at Olympic, World & European championships, more recently inspiring Gareth Southgate and the England Football Team to develop their culture through leadership and team cohesion training, Scotty was later coined as “Gareth’s Secret Weapon”.

After being voted the most inspirational serviceman across the entire Armed Forces community in 2018, Scotty now continues his life’s work to inspire people and teams to achieve their impossible dreams.

Scotty Mills – Published Author | Global Keynote Speaker | Executive Coach | Leadership and Culture Specialist | Consultant


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