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Monday, December 11, 2023

Richie Contartesi – Increase Your Commissions By Tracking

In this Sales Toolkit, Richie Contartesi shares his expertise on increasing your commissions by tracking your activities.

Richie emphasizes the importance of tracking your activities to understand what is and isn’t working in your sales process. By tracking key metrics such as the number of calls made, appointments set, and deals closed, you can identify areas for improvement and optimize your approach for maximum success.

In this video, Richie provides practical tips and strategies for tracking your activities and using that data to improve your sales performance. He emphasizes the importance of consistency, discipline, and focus, and provides actionable advice on how to stay motivated and on track.

With his years of experience in sales and entrepreneurship, Richie is well-equipped to provide valuable insights and advice for anyone looking to boost their commissions and achieve more tremendous success in their sales career. Following his advice and tracking your activities can take your sales performance to the next level and achieve your financial and professional goals.

Key Takeaways from Richie Contartesi:

  • How to increase your sales and commissions.
  • How to track your activities vs. your pipeline.
  • How to make weekly adjustments based on your KPIs.

About Richie:

Richie Contartesi partners with sales leaders to increase new business sales, eliminate complacency, and create a consistent high-performance sales culture. His unique system, Next Play™, is a 3-step play book to hold sales teams accountable to their potential without micromanaging.

Richie Contartesi – Founder of Next Play™ & Keynote Speaker


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