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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Marius Barnard – How to Convert Match Points at Wimbledon & Close the Sale

The tools to perform under severe pressure at critical moments.

How to take control of your mind. How to become laser-focused, staying with the process without getting distracted by the high stakes or your own performance limiters (saboteurs).

You will learn about Positive Intelligence’s three-step approach to elevate performance and use the “Five Sage Powers” to lead you to positive results.

Key Takeaways from Marius Barnard:

  • How to switch to the correct part of your brain – to stay calm and laser-focused.
  • How to control your habitual performance limiters.
  • How to move to the positive “Sage Powers” of thinking for success.

About Marius:

Marius is a former ATP Tour 6 times doubles champion and 8 times finalist, victorious against 6 world number 1 singles players including Roger Federer, Andy Roddick & Marat Safin.

A Wimbledon & Australian Open quarter-finalist with two centre-court appearances at SW19!

Having been a Performance Mindset Coach for more than 20 years in sports, Marius has also worked with Sales Teams, Global Top Teams, CEOs, MDs, Directors and other leaders.

Marius Barnard – Helping leaders in Performance, Mindset, and Stress Management.


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