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Jeremy Snape – The Winning Mindset for Leaders

A former England cricketer, Jeremy Snape’s knowledge of the high-performance mindset is unparalleled. His story, approach, and research are unique — from Premier League football to the Olympics, he has interviewed some of the world’s most successful athletes and coaches to discover their winning insights.

Jeremy’s sessions take you Inside the Mind of Champions® – with exclusive stories and secrets of success combined with the latest research from psychology and neuroscience. His combination of authentic storytelling, cutting-edge research and powerful video insights from champions is distilled into practical tools which are guaranteed to inspire fresh thinking.

Key Takeaways from Jeremy Snape:

  • How to thrive through pressure and uncertainty.
  • How great leaders set their teams up for success.
  • How to create a culture of continual improvement.
  • How to leverage purpose to drive performance.

About Jeremy:

Jeremy has the combined experience of being a successful International cricketer and coach, providing innovative performance ideas for teams and leaders. He has the ability to draw upon real-life examples from his playing and coaching career, which are underpinned by his Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology.

Jeremy has worked with some very successful corporate clients delivering team culture, leadership, and executive coaching programmes.

On the sporting front, Jeremy has held roles as Performance Coach to the South African Cricket Team as well as Shane Warne’s victorious Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League.

Jeremy supported Alan Pardew at Crystal Palace and was part of the coaching team when they reached the FA Cup Final in 2016 and also supported England Rugby under Eddie Jones during their record 18 wins in a row.

Jeremy has rapidly become one of the most recognised names in sport psychology, offering key insights to national newspapers, Sky Sports and BBC Radio 5 Live.

In 2013 Jeremy joined the LMA as a Non-Executive Director to support their leadership and management programmes.

Jeremy’s unique expertise and ability to make sense of complex areas of performance is now yours to share. He is available as a keynote speaker across the globe.

Jeremy Snape – Sporting Edge Founder > Former England Cricketer > Keynote Speaker > Senior Leadership Coach > Apple top 10 Podcast > Inspiring Webinars


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