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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Francisco Mahfuz – How to tell elevator stories, not pitches!

In this Sales Toolkit, Francisco Mahfuz shares his insights on how to create an effective elevator story. He emphasizes the importance of crafting a narrative that is not just a pitch, but a story that can engage and captivate your audience in a short period of time.

He suggests that an elevator story should be crafted in a way that is relatable, emotional and memorable. Francisco also gives practical tips on how to structure an elevator story and provides examples of how to apply this technique in different scenarios.

When your communication is confusing or artificial, customers don’t care, sales don’t close, and presentations bore everyone to sleep. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Through intentional storytelling, your customers will engage, sales will grow, and you’ll become unforgettable. 

Key Takeaways from Francisco Mahfuz:

  • Why you should never tell people your job title. 
  • How to describe what you do in a way that leaves everyone wanting to hear more. 
  • Three elevator story approaches that you can use in meetings, events, social media, presentations, and interviews. 

About Francisco:

Francisco Mahfuz has always loved speaking, even before he had anything useful to say. He’s been telling his stories in front of audiences for close to a decade and even became a National Champion of public speaking. 

Today, Francisco is a keynote speaker and storytelling coach and offers communication training to individuals and international organisations. He’s the author of “Bare: A Guide to Brutally Honest Public Speaking” and the host of “The Storypowers” Podcast. 

Francisco Mahfuz – Keynote Speaker & Story Coach


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