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Daniel Lewis — #thePOP: 3 Easy Tips to Creating a Magnetic Work Culture!

Daniel Lewis explores three foundational principles in his latest video. First, embrace the authenticity of the Power of Personality to unlock genuine experiences.

Second, prioritize People Over Policy, as Daniel advocates for human-centric leadership, steering away from rigid structures.

Lastly, witness the transformative potential in the Power of Play, discovering a new world of wonder, inspiration, and rejuvenation. This engaging 3-Step framework promises to ignite creativity, instil trust, and create a thriving workplace culture for any organization!

Key Takeaways from Daniel Lewis:

  • Power of Personality: Unlock genuine experiences through authentic self-expression.
  • People Over Policy: Embrace human-centric leadership to cultivate a thriving workplace.
  • Power of Play: Discover the transformative potential of incorporating play into professional life.

About Daniel:

Author, entrepreneur, and International speaker, Daniel Lewis is the proud founder of the award-winning tea company Daniel’s Chai Bar (formerly known as T By Daniel.) Daniel helps people and organizations adopt a more human-centric approach to business, entrepreneurship, and life.  

His people-focused outlook on entrepreneurship and his experiential business tactics have garnered him and his company national recognition and many awards and honours such as the 2014 Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 2016 Business Excellence Award and 2017 Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneurs and just recently 2022 Global Visual Victories Silver Medal for most creative Pop-Up Store Design. Daniel’s success with his retail tea brand has even landed him an opportunity to serve HRH King Charles III during his 2017 Royal Tour to Canada.

Daniel grew his company from a grassroots start-up to an established local tea brand that served the Royal Family. The journey has been both challenging and worthwhile, and Daniel aims to present organizations with the grit and tenacity it takes to start a business and the hope and inspiration needed to sustain it. Using real-life examples and experiences, Daniel Lewis will leave you ready to tackle your business, customers, and people in a creative, realistic and impactful way.

Daniel Lewis —Entrepreneur, Customer Experience Expert & Motivational Storyteller 


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