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Andy Edwards – Good day and Bad day behaviour

In this Sales Toolkit, Andy Edwards shares his insights on the difference between good and bad day behaviour.

Andy emphasizes the importance of understanding and managing our behaviour, particularly during times of stress and pressure. He identifies the key characteristics of good day behaviour, such as focus, resilience, and adaptability. He contrasts them with the characteristics of bad day behaviour, such as procrastination, avoidance, and blame.

Andy provides practical tips and strategies for developing good day behaviour and avoiding the pitfalls of bad day behaviour. He emphasizes the importance of taking ownership of our behaviour and using simple but effective techniques, such as deep breathing and positive self-talk, to stay focused and on track.

Key Takeaways from Andy Edwards:

  • Which of the basic behavioural types you are.
  • Why ‘weather’ is a great analogy to behaviour.
  • How others might perceive you.
  • Your own ‘dark side.
  • The most important lesson in behavioural psychology.

About Andy:

Andy Edwards is the creator of “Relationomics”, leveraging relationships for the best possible business results. He is an accredited behavioural psychologist and author of two books, one on understanding people, and the other about Behavioural Leadership (as seen from the follower’s perspective). Using an accessible model of human behaviour, Andy speaks about how to create, build, leverage, and repair quality relationships in the workplace.

Andy Edwards – MD and Keynote Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Presenter



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