We often use the ‘J’ word in sales… Journey.

From the customer’s journey, the buyer’s journey to our very own sales journey, it can sometimes feel overused and a bit fluffy. 

But the fact remains, whether it is a sales journey or your personal quest for more, every journey starts with strengthening your mindset. 

Richard Newman, founder of Body Talk UK, has shared with us a 5 minute video, summarising the journey in three pillars… 

1️⃣ Master Your ‘Mindset’

2️⃣ Ignite Your ‘Influence’

3️⃣ Design Your ‘Future’

This toolkit isn't just about reducing stress and improving communication - it's about increasing productivity, enhancing your personal and professional life, and ultimately realising your fullest potential.

PLUS: Richard Newman will be taking to the stage as a NSC Legend, on 23 November. ‘Discover How to Lift Your Impact’ in person, CLICK HERE.

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Steve Lindsey

National Sales Conference

& The Growth Hub