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Thursday, September 16, 2021



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Are You Being Useful or Being Used?

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    Jos Burton is the author of Be Useful – a self-development book that asks the question: Is The World Making Good Use Of You?

    Jos coaches senior leaders and executives to enable them to achieve their development goals and become more effective in their roles.

    His key focus has always been to ensure complete engagement with executives and their organisations to create environments in which talent can flourish.

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Make Things Happen

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    Currently, Diana Pagano is the VP, of Sales and People Operations at Interpreters and Translators, Inc a rapidly growing multimillion-dollar company based in Glastonbury, CT, as well as inspirational speaker and author, focusing on human behavior and the influence of mindset on success.

    Her success in the understanding of the human mind and the importance of mindset, prompted the inception of the “Make Things Happen” Movement.

    Diana found passion in showing others the tools needed to reach what they truly desire and sealed her success as an inspirational speaker. Her focus is on empowerment, change of mindset and fulfilling the potential of her audience. The success of her methodology is based on exploring tangible tools and techniques to achieve the results any individual wants.

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How to Ace Hybrid Meetings

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    Esther Stanhope – The Impact Guru, can make you look & sound confident on video calls with her secret tips learnt from 20 years in broadcasting (10 years at the BBC) from loving the lens to nailing your message.

    This fun and interactive masterclass will help you instantly…

    ✅ Engage with your remote audiences so they stay tuned

    ✅ Build a quick rapport remotely

    ✅ Create a hook in the first 0-10 seconds

    ✅ Lights, camera, action – master the professional look

    ✅ Steal secret tips from Barack Obama, George Clooney & the BBC.

Thurs 23rd Sept @ 11am BST – CLICK HERE
Elevate – Video Prospecting

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    Our skeptical buyer Alex Moyle will be putting Elevate’s Jan Barthelemy claims to the test…

    Elevate by Shootsta is an app that uses advanced AI technology that allows sales teams to quickly deliver video content to dozens of prospects in minutes ⌚

    They claim that it allows a sales rep to prepare & record personalised and branded videos to prospects at each stage of the process and that it allows leaders to assess the effectiveness of different messages from different sales reps…

    ⭐ Is the quality of the video really any different than something you can record on your phone?
    ⭐ How can they prove levels of client engagement are any different from existing methods?
    ⭐ Demonstrate ROI from investment in another tech tool.


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