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Vanessa Ugatti – 3 Key True Worth Principles to Increase Sales


In this short lesson, you will learn:

  • 3 of Vanessa’s Key True Worth Principles which will transform your sales.
  • Why you must be in charge of the sales process.
  • When you understand this, it will be so much easier to sell.
  • How you can determine your own success.

Synopsis & Bio:

Vanessa Ugatti, the creator of True Worth, keynote speaker, trainer and coach, dramatically shifts your thinking enabling you to increase revenue ethically, without having to work harder, by sharing her ground-breaking TRUE WORTH step-by-step methodology. This leads to a wealthier business and healthier and happier staff.

She knows that it is so easy for professionals who sell or salespeople to fall into the trap of undercharging or discounting, because of a fear of losing the sale. This is a powerful, yet negative motivator which puts them on the back foot every time and may cost thousands in lost revenue.

Vanessa’s unique ability, to bring out the best in people, has evolved for her over many years of facing similar challenges, both professionally and personally – even questioning her own value in business. 

In fact, her reason for creating True Worth was that, as a heart-led person, she was utterly clueless at charging, many moons ago.  

This is no longer the case.  She now deeply understands her worth and is relaxed having those money conversations with clients.  She genuinely cares about and wants the best for them too.

She embodies being able to charge her true worth and still remain a lovely person.

This is what makes Vanessa the perfect person to help you or your team get paid their true worth, as she understands this very human problem from the inside out.

To receive a copy of Vanessa’s 10-point cheat sheet for getting paid your true worth, email her at [email protected].

www.vanessaugatti.com and www.thetrueworthexpert.com

Vanessa Ugatti – International Keynote Speaker, Transformational Coach, Bestselling Author


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