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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Tom Pisello – Using ROI to bridge the disconnect between buyer expectations & seller performance


It is a weird world where both a buyer and seller are frustrated with the same sales process.  

45% of Buyers feel Sellers are unable to demonstrate an understanding of their business, 34% fail to apply their solution to their unique needs. And most worryingly, 50% are unable to prove their product’s ROI to aid the internal sales process. (Stats from: Rain Group Virtual Selling Skills & Challenges Report 2020)

On the flip side, Sellers feel buyers are unwilling to give time to the investigation of their business’s needs, and too often decide to do nothing, which is even more frustrating than when they buy from a competitor. 

Yet, these buyer sentiments are not new similar buyer sentiments were found in 2013 by Forrester in their Q4 2013 North America and Europe Executive Buyer Insight Online Survey

However, some organisations believe their route to buyer satisfaction lies not in training, but investing time and energy in proving the ROI of their solutions. 

In turn, enabling new sales and account management teams to believe they can answer the buyer’s unsaid question, “can you prove the value of what you are selling me?”

In this interview we interview Tom Pisello, founder of the Elevated Selling Institute, we will be discussing how organisations are working to close the gap between buyer expectations and actual seller performance by proving ROI from their products or services.


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