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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Tech Roast – Shoosta Elevate – Video Prospecting


Prospecting is rated by sales reps as the most difficult part of the sales process. 

? Whilst social and email outreach is well established, video outreach has been found to have 16% higher open rates and 26% higher replies. 

? How do leaders ensure videos are of sufficient quality?  How can they integrate company branding at scale? 

Yet for all the benefits of video prospecting, it has its challenges ?

This is why there is an increasing number of video prospecting tools designed to help sales reps produce higher quality videos and promote the benefits of the company’s product or service.

Elevate by Shootsta is one such tool.  Elevate is a sales enablement tool that is designed to enable sales reps to engage their prospects at every stage of the sales process.

They claim that it allows a sales rep to prepare & record personalised and branded videos to prospects at each stage of the process. They also claim that it allows leaders to assess the effectiveness of different messages from different sales reps.

The questions Alex asks…

? Is the quality of video really any different than something you can record on your phone?
? How can they prove levels of client engagement are any different from existing methods?
? Demonstrate ROI from investment in another tech tool. 

Every company has to find a balance between giving their sales reps the freedom to craft tailored messages to attract new prospects, whilst also protecting the overall brand perception of the business.

Video prospecting has the potential to make your sales reps stand out from the crowd.  Yet when prospecting it is the little things that matter.

How many times have you received a cold approach where there is a spelling mistake, grammatical error or the person has uploaded the wrong details into the automation sequence?


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