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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Patrick O’Driscoll – How to double your sales team whilst working remotely


2020 saw an unprecedented period of digital transformation as companies around the world digitized their operations. 

Thousands of SaaS businesses went from busy to banana’s. Naturally, many of these business scaled their sales teams to meet this market demand. 

In this interview with Patrick O’Driscoll – Regional VP Commercial Sales – DocuSign, you will hear how Patrick and his managers collaborated with Talent Acquisition and Sales Enablement to double the sales team, maintain productivity levels whilst working remotely. 

Key areas of discussion are:

  • How did you approach scaling your team at speed and remotely?
  • What role did TA play in supporting your growth plans?
  • How did the sales enablement team partner with the leadership team to deliver an integrated training program?
  • How did you leverage the existing sales team to support the influx of new hires?
  • Lessons learned for the future. 

As well as our standard questions:

  • If you could create an app to help your sales process, what would it be?
  • How do you persuade your team to use your CRM?
  • What is your favourite sales metric?
  • Share your current favourite box set.


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