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Jason Cooper – 5 character and behaviour traits of successful sales professionals


What you will learn:

  • The 5 Character traits of success.
  • How to achieve success within sales professionals.
  • How certain behaviours can make you at the top 2% of your industry.

Synopsis & Bio:

For over 25 years of global experience, Jason has been helping people and companies build value with connection and
building effective relationships that last. He coaches and trains salespeople to master their relationships with clients and

A lot of sales training emphasises tactics used to get a ‘yes’ or for pitching persuasively. But in today’s environment, the
most important asset is the relationship you have with your clients. Selling or serving others is about driving business
results, it’s about increasing revenues, and most importantly, it’s about converting conversations.

Unless you can convert a sale, you can’t make a sale; you can’t build client relationships. Jason’s approach to sales training centres on critical areas such as self-motivation, personal relationship strategies and individual tenacity.

Sales is a human interaction where the salesperson generally seeks to build a relationship with the customer or buyer.
Therefore, knowing information about prospects and developing interest in their world can help to secure sales and
retain the customers long-term.

Jason Cooper – International Sales Relationship Coach


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