Patricia Seabright – The Issue with Sales Talent and How to Solve it

At the heart of what is being called now called “the great resignation” is a massive demand for talent (ONS reported that there were over a million vacancies in September 2021) and a talent pool that is open minded and motivated to look for other opportunities.  A recent survey by Randstad UK of 6,000 workers found […]

Rebecca Bell – Protecting and Growing your Client Base

Win, Retain and Grow is a well known mantra in the sales world! Yet when organisations grow at speed the desire to acquire new logo’s often sucks resources away from retaining and growing the existing customer base.  This strategy more often than not works when companies are in a “green field” market where there are […]

Claire Dale – Physical Intelligence

Diversity & Inclusion – CPD accredited session, part of our paid premium subscription: The Growth Hub+ Would you like to ensure your most confident performance when the stakes are high and your stress levels are even higher? In this video, you will learn:  ✅ Learn How to Be More Focused & Productive. ✅ Use Your Body to Think […]

Tips for Successful Selling at Christmas

The Christmas period is fast approaching, and for many salespeople, that is met with doom and gloom. Deals often get put on hold, contacts take time off over the Christmas break, and December is a short month so more to do in fewer business days. Plus, it’s inevitable that a percentage of deals that would […]

Value-Based Sales Leadership and How to Embed it in Your Team?

As a sales leader, are you continually tired of being the one person who has to keep your sales team motivated? Does it always fall on your shoulders? Is it a never-ending cycle? Imagine if your salespeople could not only motivate themselves but motivate others too. Well, it’s possible. Motivation comes from within, so you […]

9 Ways to Incentivise Your Sales Team

Even when things are going really well, there will still be times when your team needs an extra bit of motivation. So, how can you keep your team motivated? Sales incentives are designed to improve employee engagement and encourage results. Especially during these hard times, an added bit of motivation can be a nice boost […]

Alexandra Panayotou – Be Excellent

Goal Setting – CPD accredited session, part of our paid premium subscription: The Growth Hub+ Alexandra Panayotou is a charismatic motivational speaker and executive coach who works in personal and professional development. Her insight into and her understanding of the human process is developed from her outstanding success as an endurance athlete, combined with her […]

Kerry Nutley – Walking the Sales Transformation Talk

It is always great to put a salesperson on the spot by asking them how their organisation uses the product or service they are trying to sell you.   In many instances the company selling the product may have no need for the service or product they are selling.  But, in software there is a good […]


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