Francisco Mahfuz – How to tell elevator stories, not pitches!

What you will learn in this video: Why you should never tell people your job title  How to describe what you do in a way that leaves everyone wanting to hear more  Three elevator story approaches that you can use in meetings, events, social media, presentations and interviews  Synopsis & Bio: When your communication is […]

What is Technology Sales and how does it help customers?

One of the fastest-growing areas of technology is sales, which is the activity of connecting customers with the right technology solution to solve a problem. Technology sales is all about identifying the particular pains your customers have, and offering a solution that will meet their needs. It focuses on all aspects of technology, including hardware […]

How to use emotional intelligence for Sales leaders

How to use emotional intelligence for Sales leaders  Top salespeople get promoted to a leadership position, only to discover the skills needed to develop and lead a sales team are very different from those of a seller – especially in difficult times.  Therefore, it’s important to learn how to incorporate emotional intelligence skills into your […]

5 attributes for excellent Sales leadership

The quality of a Sales leader will have a profound impact on the success of every organisation. The team’s success and the quality of leadership are intrinsically linked. But what makes a great Sales leader? Here are five attributes for excellent Sales leadership. Command and accountability: Excellent Sales leadership begins with establishing a commanding position […]

4 top Sales challenges to overcome this year

As the world returns to some form of normality, the shape of selling has fundamentally changed compared to pre-pandemic times. While this brings many opportunities, it also presents new challenges that salespeople need to account for.  Here are four of the main challenges facing salespeople this year, with some expert advice from HubSpot on how […]

Ed Clancy OBE – In Pursuit Of Perfection

Goal Setting & Performance – CPD accredited session, part of our paid premium subscription: The Growth Hub+ Ed Clancy OBE is the most successful Team Pursuit cyclist in history.   He won gold in Team Pursuit at both the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and the London Olympics in 2012, and was World Champion in Omnium in […]

Andrew Pain – How to delegate tasks successfully

What you will learn in this video: The critical pillar of successful delegation: get it right and you’re on the way … get it wrong and you’re doomed! The dangerous oversight which most people ignore/forget and which can undermine their best intentions when they delegate.  How to set-up an effective handover, so your delegate is […]


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