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6 Magic Words every salesperson should know!

Even when things are going really well, there will still be times when your team needs an extra bit of motivation.

So, how can you keep your team motivated?

Sales incentives are designed to improve employee engagement and encourage results. Especially during these hard times, an added bit of motivation can be a nice boost for your business. But an incentive programme needs to really appeal to your sales team in order for it to work. Whether it’s cash or a gift, here are 9 sales incentives to give you an idea of how to motivate your team.

1. You

‘It’s all about you’ to quote the words of a famous boy band.

No one wants to hear all about your product, your company, your solution…. It’s a product for them, it will help them or their company and its going to be the solution to their problem. 

Bring the client into the sales pitch and remember who it’s about!

2. Name

Following from the previous note, try to bring in the client’s name and company name at every possible opportunity. Repeat their name, keep them engaged your customer will start to feel like you have created something for them.

3. Value

Communicate the value of your product, not a long list of features and product details. They don’t care about the details, but they do care about the resulting value from using your product.

4. Imagine

A true magical word, that helps covey your message. Instead of telling them why, explain through a story and help them imagine, themselves in a situation using your service

5. Because

Back yourself and use the word because in a sentence, you need this because….

6. Opportunity

Rather than focus on the problem and highlighting a negative, highlight the opportunity and shine a light on the positives.


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