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Diana Pagano – Make Things Happen

Leadership – CPD accredited session, part of our paid premium subscription: The Growth Hub+

Make things happen and change your life now! 

Diana Pagano is the founder of the ‘Make Things Happen’ Movement and has a passion for helping people realise their true potential! As the VP of Sales and People Operation, ITI, Inca, a rapidly growing multimillion-dollar company and award winning language agency, Diana understands what it takes to achieve sales but also how to gain the success you dream of.

While her early life may not have been easy, Diana never accepted there were limitations based on her upbringing or location.  A successful career in Real Estate saw her exceed 15 million in sales annually, but she had a passion to help others live their best life too. Building on her sales experience, she became a licensed Master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which helps her to understand the human mind and the culture of mindset before creating the ‘Making Things Happen’ empowerment Forum in 2018.

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Steve Lindsey
Steve Lindsey
National Sales Conference Event Director, Growth Hub Founder, Trustee for Alopecia UK and Fundraiser for Hospice in The Weald by Swimming, Cycling & Running #MAMIL


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