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Tim Riesterer – Switch From a ‘Sales’ to a ‘Revenue’ Culture


The last 18 months enforced change on how organisations design and execute their go to market strategies. 

My belief is many of the changes inflicted over the last 18 months merely accelerated trends that were already under way. 

But as we enter a covid-vaccinated world many organisations are asking themselves which of the covid enforced changes are here to stay and which ones will recede and allow them to get back to their traditional approach. 

My personal view is whatever the future holds, two things have changed forever. 

First, customers have loved NOT having to meet sales professionals face to face. Pre-covid buyers were already self-serving themselves in the early stages of their buying process. Over the last year, buyers have liked the ability to engage and disengage with a sales process with out the time-consuming process of meeting other humans. Buyers still value a human to human interaction, but at the time of their choosing in the decision making process. 


Second is the longer and more complicated sales process will continue to require a broader range of individuals from across the organisation to engage with a potential buyer before a sale is made. In this weeks interview Tim Riesterer, he says recent research indicates over 5 people from the sellers organisation engage with a potential customer through a sales process. 

These changes probably come as no surprise. Most organisations have already begun to address the challenges that come from these changes in buyer behaviour. 

However with any change in sales processes, sales strategies, comes resistance to change from many different angles. 

In this weeks interview we talk to Tim Riesterer – Chief Strategy Officer of Corporate Visions and well known expert on buyer behaviour. 

We talk about how organisations are adapting to changing buyer behaviour by moving from a “Sales Team” centric culture to a more inclusive “Revenue Culture” to better attract new clients and, retain then growth existing ones.

We talk to Tim about the following things:

  • Culture and revenue-centric culture.
  • Where are the common disconnects between marketing and sales that affect a buyers perception of an organisation
  • How do established companies with separate sales and marketing functions start the process of changing how they work?
  • Customer retention strategies.
  • How using small pilots to test changes in sales approach can yield the fantastic results for the organisation as a whole. 
  • A simple framework to build a unique sales process that matches the type of relationship you have with the buyer and where a client is in their buying journey
  • How do you develop a revenue growth mindset in your customer success team?
  • Helping Customer Success teams believe your new solution is worthy of an upsell conversation.

About Tim Riesterer:

Tim Riesterer is the Chief Strategy Officer Corporate Visions.  As a long time student of customer behaviour, sales process & sales success, he is a renowned speaker, author and consults and trains some of the worlds largest companies.  

He has dedicated his career to researching and improving the conversations companies have with prospects and clients.  He has co-authored 4 books on the subject “The Expansion Sale,” “Three Value Conversations,” “Conversations that Win the Complex Sale” and “Customer Message Management.”

He is also the visionary behind B2B Decision Labs, a unique consulting firm that is aligning research on neuroscience, customer behaviour and field studies on customers assess value and make decisions. 

Corporate visions – consults and trains B2bdecisionlabs.com

Tim’s Dream App:

Tim believes that humans are ‘just in time’ learners (which is why you probably use YouTube to help you solve DIY challenges)

Tim would love for an app to exist that could provide insight or success strategies to a sales rep that is relevant to the situation they are in for each of the opportunities they are trying to convert.

Tim’s Business Books of Choice:

  •  Noise – Dan Kahneman


Tim Riesterer - Chief Strategy Officer Corporate Visions - Customer retention strategies
Tim Riesterer – Chief Strategy Officer Corporate Visions – Chief Visionary – B2B Decision Labs

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