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Morag Lucey – Growing Sales, Transforming lives, Supporting communities one inmate at a time


Profit and purpose, are the two mutually exclusive?

Many would say yes, however there are an increasing number of organisations that go the extra mile to balance the needs of their employees and the planet along side profit. 

You only have to look at the increasing number of B-Corporations to see that companies are moving beyond the traditional CSR activities and changing the way they work to achieve lasting change. 

An example of a company integrating societal benefit into their day to day operations is Timpson’s.  Many of you will be familiar with Timpson’s best known for repairing shoes, cutting keys and engraving trophies.  But did you know that Timpson’s is one of the largest employers of ex offenders in the UK.  Currently 10% of their workforce have had criminal convictions. The Timpson’s foundation,  even runs prison training academies to prepare offenders for life beyond their sentence. 

Which is why I am really excited about this weeks leadership interview. Morag Lucey is CEO of a purpose driven marketing, sales and SaaS technology company called Televerde. They help companies modernise and transform their sales operations.   

However it’s uniqueness comes from the fact that 10% of their workers are currently serving prison sentences.  As a pioneer of second-chance employment Televerde has employed over 3000  prisoners in the united states, with over 94% advancing into professional careers in sales, marketing and technology.  

Excitingly they are expanding their business into Europe with a partnership with UK Ministry of Justice. They already operate in prisons in Glasgow and will be launching their program in Cheshire by employing 20 people.  

We talk to Morag about the following things:

  • Morag’s motivations for serving a wider purpose beyond profit.  
  • Why sales and marketing experience helps offenders achieve success after release. 
  • Challenges with employing offenders currently serving sentences
  • How does manage the performance of workers who they do not directly employ
  • How a wider purpose helps Televerde’s own client acquisition efforts
  • Technology tools that Televerde use manage the sales process, security of client data and quality of customer facing interactions.

Key Take-Aways:

  1. How it is possible for a commercial organisation to succeed whilst serving a purpose beyond profit 
  2. How a structured approach to role segmentation and training can help make those with very little skill become successful
  3. How your current clients can support your efforts to serve a purpose beyond profit.

About Morag Lucey:

Morag Lucey CEO of Televerde  a 600 person global sales and marketing solutions company whose customers comprise the top global technology companies

In her career she has CMO for Avaya & BAE Systems and was voted one of the 50 most influential business leaders in technology in 2021

What makes Morag stand out is that she leads a successful organisation that provides and sales and marketing solutions to some of the worlds largest companies, whilst the majority of her workforce are incarcerated in prisons across the US and the UK.

She is on a mission to help Televerde active its goal of international expansion whilst also providing 10,000 life changing opportunities to women serving sentences with in the US and UK prison systems.

Morag’s Dream App:

Morag would love there to be an app that would make it easy to connect all customer interactions across all the different technology tools a business uses. This data can then be used across the organisation to improve efficiency and serve customer needs better.

Morag’s Business Books of Choice:

Morag’s Current Boxset of Choice:


Morag Lucy – CEO of Televerde


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