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Guy Rubin – What is Rev Ops and Do you need it in your organisation?


You might get the feeling that every time you open an email there is a new “must have” or “must do” strategy that will be the key to your organisations success.  It could be a focus on automation,  ROI,  revenue enablement,  channel selling to name a few. Many of the “must have” or “must do” strategies are either fads or just a rebrand of an already accepted strategy organisations have in place.  

You would be forgiven for thinking Revenue Ops falls into the same category.

However, unless you already have one team that owns the customers life cycle and the data points with in it you would be wrong.  

Many organisations already have ops teams that support either marketing, sales or customers success.  But separate Ops teams are likely to be serving the interests of their function rather than the sales process of a whole.

This leaves many organisations with competing processes, multiple versions of the truth, prospects falling in between the different silo’s areas of responsibility.

The goal of Revenue Ops is to take a unified approach to the customer buying journey, create a single version of the truth from the different systems you use and most importantly reduce inefficiencies in the sales process.

In this podcast we talk to Guy Rubin CEO of Ebsta.  He will be demystifying what Revenue Ops is and discuss how Ebsta has used Rev Ops to increase productivity across the revenue engine.

Key questions we will talk about:

– Why is Revenue Operations critical to a successful revenue engine?

– How does Revenue Operations work in Ebsta?

– How does a Revenue Operations team reduce inefficiencies in the sales process?

– What challenges do companies face when working to align process and create a single source of truth?

About Guy Rubin:

Guy Rubin is the founder and CEO of Ebsta, the Revenue Intelligence Platform for Salesforce and Hubspot customers.

Guy is passionate about helping B2B sales teams scale their growth and founded Ebsta in 2012 with an aim to score the worlds business relationships.

Away from Ebsta, Guy is married with 2 young children, an enthusiastic skier, an avid football fan, (even though he supports Tottenham Hotspur) and enjoys spending time with people that like him, want to change the world.

Guy Rubin – Founder and CEO of Ebsta


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