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Brian Glibkowski – How to Sell your team on change


Voltaire said “that one should judge a person by their questions rather than their answers.”

Who would have thought a French write and activist born in 1694 would have had such an impact on business education 300 years later. 

Yet how many business books do you see related to questioning.   There are hundreds in sales, with SPIN selling being the most stand out example of a framework designed around questioning.  

Many coaching books, focus on asking questions to help guide, support and influence someone’s mindset. 

However, how often have you changed a belief, behaviour or mindset based on a single question from someone?

Rarely I imagine. 

The reality is that our mindsets and behaviours are mainly influenced by the answers we get to questions we have asked. 

How many books are there dedicated to answers?


This is why you will love our interview with Brian Glibkowski the author of Answer Intelligence.    

Brian is a pioneer in organisational communication who is focused on helping leaders improve how they answer questions to increase buy-in and behavioural change.   

So, if you find answering challenging questions from your boss, team or clients stressful or are frustrated at the lack of action after your response,  this interview is for you. 
And if you want to know more about Answer Intelligence then check out Brian’s website where you can learn more about how to raise your answer intelligence and take an assessment to rate your ability to answer questions. 


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