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Alan Morton – Converting Free to Paid by navigating to power


Are your team speaking to prospects with the power to buy?

The “puppy dog close” is a technique where potential buyers get to try a product for themselves and in doing so sell themselves on the product. 

Changing rooms in retail stores are a classic example of this technique. As people try on clothes, test drive a car, they begin to mentally take ownership of the product they are trying out. 

Whist try before you buy is a long established process in B2C, it is that SAAS industry that has taken the puppy dog close to new levels. 

It started with free trials, which are easy to control. 

However, the model has moved to predominantly a freemium model. 

However, companies with a freemium client acquisition model find themselves in a situation where their free users with in an organisation are often at a low level and more significantly the “free users” do not have buying power with in their organisations. 

This means thousands of organisations are dependent on their sales teams to engage with their free users and ask them for an introduction to someone with the power to buy a higher level of functionality or multiple licences. 

In this interview we interview Alan Morton of SBR Consulting, who will share his top 3 strategies sales professionals can use when needing to navigate to the person with the power to buy. Over his 13 years in consulting Alan has trained over 12,000 sales professionals, and worked with many of the world’s leading brands, such as Google, Facebook, Rackspace, KPMG, EY, Deloitte, Expedia and Dropbox.   develop their sales process, sales teams and sales results. where he will share his top 3 strategies to help organisations convert more of their free users into paying clients.  

In this Interview, we discuss:

  • Developing a proactive mindset in your sales team
  • The importance of mapping the route to power with in your target organisation
  • The role of Persona’s to support inside sales teams confidence 
  • Creation of a unique value proposition tailored to the organisation and the level of person you are talking to
  • How to gain access to individuals who have the power to buy.


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