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Keith Rozelle – So What?



  • So what is really jarring to hear…and that’s absolutely right too!
  • Stop telling me facts, give me insight
  • Poke Tham in the Eye with your so what!!

Synopsis & Bio:

30+ years selling Technology and Telecoms solutions with companies like HP, EDS, BT and a host of SMEs.

I’ve helped employers and clients sell their products and services to a broad range of industries – from Investment Banks to Telecoms Giants and Top Universities. I’ve worked on deal sizes ranging from gym memberships @ £45/month to global IT contracts worth over £1billion.

I believe the principles of sales are surprisingly similar, whatever you’re selling, The ability for salespeople and business owners to build trust and articulate “difference” is vital in order to stand out from the crowd.

My company Sales Marvel has a mission to:

a) help companies sell more profitably

b) train the next generation of sales professionals

I have four grown children and live in the Centre of York with my wife Tracy.


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