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Monday, January 30, 2023

Andrew Pain – How to delegate tasks successfully


What you will learn in this video:

  • The critical pillar of successful delegation: get it right and you’re on the way … get it wrong and you’re doomed!
  • The dangerous oversight which most people ignore/forget and which can undermine their best intentions when they delegate. 
  • How to set-up an effective handover, so your delegate is set up to succeed not fail. 

Synopsis & Bio:

If you want a job done properly, then do it yourself”

You’ve probably said words to this effect at one point or another and delegation is risky, but without delegation, you have: 

  • Dis-empowered teams who rely on YOU as the one and only person to put in the extra shifts and take the initiative. 
  • Stressed out leaders who juggle too many jobs and refuse to delegate because they ‘CAN’T’ (won’t) resulting ultimately in burnout.
  • People deprived of the opportunity to stretch themselves, try new things, make mistakes and benefit from the learning.
  • Under-performing teams who resent the fact you won’t trust them.

Nobody wins in these scenarios and yet, it’s possible (even remotely) to delegate your tasks and greatly improve the chances of the task being completed on time and to the standard you want. You just need to know what NOT to do and what TO do instead. 

Andrew Pain – Leadership Speaker & Coach.


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