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Anthony Parker – How Sales Coaching Delivers Results


If I asked you to look back through your career and pick the one person that you feel has made the biggest difference to you and your career success, what name would come to mind? 

In all likelihood that person was not only a great manager but a great coach. 

The reason is that intrinsically we remember people who have helped us develop the skills and behaviours we needed to master to succeed in our job. 

Now think of the manager you would rather forget? 

How was the approach of the two different?

The chances are that the “things” they talked about were not that different. 

The BIG difference was HOW they spoke to you about those things. 

Your great coach probably talked alot about KPI’s, but did they also spend time helping you understand  “why” the KPI was there and the role it played in your success. 

They probably listened into you butcher another cold approach or attended a face to face client meeting where you kept missing the clients buying signals.  Importantly invested the time necessary to help you be better next time.   

With luck they were also willing to deliver the hard truths you needed when you needed them. 

Being a great coach does not come easily to many leaders.  

Not because they want to be a bad coach, but the relentless focus on KPI’s, Pipeline and Sales often leads their focus away from the softer side of performance management. 

In today’s interview, we discuss with Anthony Parker RVP Sales EMEA @Mindtickle the coaching plays when building high performing sales teams. 

Anthony, does not claim to be the best sales coach in the world. But, is totally committed to seeing his coaching role as the core part of his job as a sales leader. 

We talk to Anthony about the following things:

  • Why is a coaching mindset critical to a sales leaders success.
  • Coaching mistakes Anthony has made and how he has learned from them.  
  • How to balance a structured sales process and allowing room for individuality.
  • The power of in the moment coaching to support self-sustaining performance.
  • How to use self reflection as a coaching tool.
  • How to increase Sales Growth in your business.
  • How to coach lone wolves or top performers.

About Anthony Parker:

After a career working for large corporate technology companies, Anthony now specialises in helping  fast-growing software companies such as Mindtickle and Qstream launch or accelerate growth in the UK, EMEA

Aside from working hard to produce the funniest MEMEs on Linkedin, he is an active sales coach. 
He not only helps his own team, but in his spare time he is a coach for Replayz the #1 insider sales coaching platform.

Anthony’s Dream App:

Anthony’s dream app would be listening in to a sales reps calls and when they say “DOES THAT MAKE SENSE” a buzzer would sound.  Level two would be to add other crutch phrases sales reps use that add little or no value to the sales call.  – buzzer when says does that make sense!

Anthony’s Business Books of Choice:

Anthony loves Sales Leadership by Keith Rosen.  He loves its practical nature and references it regularly.

Anthony’s Boxset of Choice:

Anthony is addicted to Succession the HBO series – starring Nicholas Braun, Sarah Snook and Jeremy Strong

Anthony Parker RVP Sales EMEA @Mindtickle | Sales Coach @replayz

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