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Wendy McDougall – How to scale a SaaS business in a crowded market


In today’s SaaS saturated world it is unusual for a new service to be launched into pure white space. 

More likely a new SaaS product will be trying to improve on an existing providers product whilst adding their own twist on what they feel the market needs next. 

Their go to market strategy will require them to steal market share from existing providers and establishing themselves as a “name” to consider when buyers are on the checking out established providers in the segment. 

Internally much of the go to market discussion will revolve around the balance between inbound and outbound strategies to generate leads.  

If the start-up is lucky enough to have a bucket of VC cash to scale and outbound team, the early days will be heavily reliant on and inbound lead generation strategy. 

But is it possible to scale using inbound alone?
In this interview we talk to  Wendy McDougall – CEO & Founder Firefish Software, about how she has used an Inbound go to market strategy to scale 30% year on year for 10 years and establish Firefish as a leading CRM in a very competitive market segment.

We talk to Wendy about the following things:

  • What was Wendy’s motivation to start Firefish Software in a crowded market dominated by well established providers
  • Why did Wendy make a conscious choice to favour an Inbound go to market strategy?
  • How can your sales team can help develop a content strategy that resonates with your target audience?
  • How to collaborate and support professional associations, niche networking groups in a market segment to accelerate market acceptance
  • Why feels Hubspot was critical to her success 
  • The success metrics Wendy uses to measure the performance of her inbound strategy.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Components of an Inbound Go To Market strategy
  • The value of “giving” to your target market’s ecosystem
  • How to engage your sales team in content planning and generation

About Wendy McDougall:

Like many technology companies, Firefish Software was born out of the founders frustration with the software available to them from existing providers. Firefish Software’s founder Wendy McDougall, switched from running a Recruitment business to building an CRM that recruiters wanted to use and gave business owners the tools they needed to succeed. In the last 11 years, Firefish has hundreds of clients, across 26 countries, and consistently grown 30% year on year.

Wendy’s Dream App:

Wendy would love an app that packs sweets! Not really an app, but you will understand when you watch the interview! 

Wendy’s Recommended Business Book:

No rules rules:  Netflix and the culture of reinvention

By Reed Hastings, Erin Meyer et al

Wendy’s Current Boxset of Choice:

Million Dollar Listings

Wendy McDougall – CEO & Founder of Firefish Software


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