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Monday, January 30, 2023

Steve McDermott – What I Learned From Muhammad Ali & Other Big Hitters

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Steve McDermott has been speaking worldwide for over 25 years. (You’d have thought he would have run out of breath by now!) And as three times winner of the European Motivational Speaker of the Year Award, he’s been described as a cross between a stand-up comedian and business guru. A blunt Yorkshireman with proven ways to help you be more successful in life, work and everything especially during unprecedented times.

Here he’ll reveal how Muhammad Ali (the best boxer of all time) helped him to work out what is most important. Some of which he also reveals in his new book “How to be a complete and utter f***-up: 47 ½ steps to lasting underachievement.”

Key Take-Aways:

  1. Adopt the mindset of masters
  2. Learn to be confident with presenting
  3. Ensure you remain focused during the pandemic

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Steve Lindsey
Steve Lindsey
National Sales Conference Event Director, Growth Hub Founder, Trustee for Alopecia UK and Fundraiser for Hospice in The Weald by Swimming, Cycling & Running #MAMIL


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